Get Involved

Who should join?

Can you answer "Yes" to the following statement?

  • I love agility

If so, you are the perfect candidate for membership with Rainshadow Agility Dogs. You also would be a perfect candidate if any or all of the following apply to you:

  • All my friends are members.

  • All my dog's friends are members.

  • I'd like to help ensure that agility for all dogs remains available in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula

  • I want to know what fun it is to help organize an event.

  • I have ideas that I want to share on how to improve Agility events.

  • I have an idea for what else the club can do for its membership or for the sport of agility.

  • I would like to participate in agility.

  • I would enjoy attending the annual Holiday Party and Gift Exchange.

Let's Have Some Fun!

Member perks:

  • You can borrow books, magazines, or videos from many of our club members extensive library of agility and training materials.

  • You can be on our agility trial committees to earn free entries into Rainshadow Agility Dog trials; (see trial committee compensation) and other events.

  • You are invited to our annual holiday bash party and awards potluck, where you could be in the running for RAD Team of the Year and other awards, and where everyone can get an attractive certificate listing their dog's accomplishments for the year.

In Person

Join us at our next monthly meeting! You can check us out and then sign up


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